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RHA Architects provides conceptual design and rendering services tailored to clients’ needs. Larger ground up developments often begin with schematic sketches allowing for fast collaboration. Typical designs draw upon the local requirements and regional materials to inform the building design and drive the presentation. RHA works with retail clients to develop panoramic renderings and animations to help visualize space and to assist with community approvals. 




RHA Architects leads Walmart entitlements throughout all 50 states. Each project presents unique challenges requiring all members of the design team to collaborate on behalf of the client. Prototype architecture relies on the consistent application of key design features to properly represent the culture and identity of the brand. Strong relationships and experiences in jurisdictions across the United States inform RHA’s approach to each project. We work to build trust with the engineers, attorneys, and brokers Walmart has engaged, resulting in a partnership working toward a common goal, allowing each store or business to become an integral part of the local community


Cost Estimating

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RHA Architects provides cost estimating services for clients to support their planning as projects proceed from schematic design, through design development to construction documents and bidding and negotiations. RHA’s expertise continues to provide value during construction when change orders are proposed by the contractor.

Cost estimating tools are tailored to each project type. Takeovers and remodels begin with documentation of the existing structure, followed by a scope of work developed to fit the client’s operational needs. Unit price historical data, modified per region, is applied to the scope to begin the estimating.

RHA prototype development teams provide detailed cost estimates to help clients determine the life cycle costs of every proposed change to the building design. In addition, RHA also provides value engineering to innovate the construction methods and materials. MEP, Refrigeration, Fire Protection, and Structural Engineering consultants are vital to successful estimating exercises. 



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RHA has consistently integrated the use of new technologies as they aid in the quality and efficiencies of architectural services.

RHA utilizes panoramic renderings for some clients maximizing cloud capabilities. This provides a virtual reality experience of each space. RHA’s process has proven useful in real estate committee meetings where decisions are made as to which design option should be chosen. For the client, this is far more effective than two dimensional floor plans or even the best renderings. RHA then uses the same Revit model to develop construction documents as the project moves forward.

RHA utilizes 3D scanning technologies in the assessment and documentation of remodel and takeover projects. RHA’s partnerships with companies that specialize in this new technology allowed for greater accuracy and efficiency as we produced those projects.


Property Management

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RHA remains focused on portfolio and property management service for corporate clients. RHA’s history with remodels, special projects, and expansions has served as the foundation of the firm from the beginning. 

RHA’s ability to provide timely, expert recommendations allows clients to manage their business efficiently. 

RHA supports our client's Facilities Management and Planning by providing professional services related to existing building surveys, conceptual design, entitlements, cost estimating, and construction documents for multiple project types including roofing, remodels, building signage, wayfinding, and interiors. 


Construction Administration

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RHA Architects manages construction beginning with well-coordinated, quality contract documents. Timely permits are critical to successful project delivery and our experience with over 8,000 projects throughout jurisdictions all across the United States provides intimate knowledge to obtain permit approvals on schedule. RHA clearly communicates jurisdictional requirements with the construction team upon bid award and remains in constant contact with the general contractor until the final certificate of occupancy is obtained.

RHA played an instrumental role in the development of our client’s corporate construction administration processes. Submittals, requests for information, and construction deviations are all tracked electronically to allow quick communication between the design team and construction partners.

RHA provides complete construction management services for multiple corporate clients, including monthly site observations. RHA also reviews pay applications to verify general contractors’ schedules are accurate. This allows the architect to support the client when change orders are submitted by the contractor.

Construction administration services are managed by licensed, experienced architects. Project architects remain involved to ensure all lessons learned are properly addressed and communicated with all team members.