RHA Architects understands in order to practice within the corporate mission of providing the highest quality professional architecture to corporate clients, it must do so with a diverse group of individuals. Over the 35 year history, RHA has employed more than 350 individuals with over half being women and/or minorities. Many of these individuals have held project management roles or higher.

It’s the firm’s desire to help each staff member fulfill his or her professional goals during employment while providing clients with a diverse group of expertise. RHA Architect’s employment philosophy of “respect for one another” is a key to actively promoting diversity and celebrating/embracing the cultural differences that are present within the firm.

RHA will continue to recruit, select, train and promote on the basis of individual merit. RHA’s desire is to reflect the diversity within the city and profession as it provides the highest quality service to clients.

40% of our staff is composed of Registered Architects.